Vaccines are now Wall Street Bonuses.

Wall Street bonuses are now bonuses not only on Wall Street, but in many of the largest corporations. DisneyWorld and Toyota topped the list of corporations revealed to have been given the H1N1 vaccine by the CDC and permitted to distribute it without having to account to anyone how they gave it out. The CDC did not tie their hands in any way to ensure it was given first to the high-risk groups like children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Information confirming this has been released by several states.

So, as I said, our country is made up of corporations which are recognized by the government as legitimate entities which apparently will keep the public safe, and keep the public in order. I suppose next we’ll hear that Disney World and Toyota and Time Inc. all have heavily armed security forces, miniature armies. Or maybe they just use Blackwater/Xe or CACI. If food distribution ever had to take place, the megacorporations will take over that task.

A flu shot makes a nice exclusive perk that the rest of the population can’t just walk in and buy. A nice corporate bonus, which Goldman Sachs (pig!) has already given to its top execs.

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