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Bonuses On Wall Street Sink In Importance; Rick Santorum Wants To Cook Us For Dinner. Tentacles and Protein Strings.

Wall Street bonuses — which are obviously a metaphor for the unfair reward system currently in place for huge sectors of society today — are hard to keep uppermost in my mind, because of the Republican presidential candidates, who are utterly mad.
Or else they’re just aliens. You think?

I have to consider the possibility. Others already have reached firm conclusions for themselves on the matter, for instance: Rall.com
But I have to do my own fact-checking. Or at least rumor-checking. So okay, quickly. On Ted Rall’s latest cartoon, in the link above, he quotes:

“We’re not here to serve the Earth. That is not the objective. Man is the objective.” — Rick Santorum

So the salient parts of the quote actually are:

“We’re…here to serve… Man.”

Too many cooks spoil the election.

How predictable! And like a fool here I was, twirling towards freedom.

I think I caught a glimpse of the Republican candidates the other day, when my water bowl was being refilled and the cell door hung ajar behind the guard. They — the candidates — look different now and their disguises are off. If you can picture an orange pyramid about 8 feet tall made of spongy flesh, and thick tentacles writhing out of its top, you’ve got it. And don’t forget the skinny arms, sticking out from either side.